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Showin' how funky and strong is your fight

RubyShoes are a newly formed duo consisting of longtime friends; Clary Saddler & Jay Hoffman. They had been threatening to write a Christmas single for years and finally put their money where their mouths were by writing this double A-side of festive fun!

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April 2015

After taking a short break from music, Clary put her other created skills to use by taking on an artist in residency role at the Project Space in Newport, South Wales. She ran a series of inclusive arts workshops with the public, looking at voter apathy and democracy ahead of the General Election in 2015. Jay attended the songwriting and rhythm workshops. They created a political song and accompanying music video entitled "Global Chaos" in these sessions.


August 2016

When Clary told Jay and fellow Cwtch band mates Sali Curtis and Sally Ann Isles that she wanted her two best mates singing as she walked down the isle (or rather walked through the blades of grass up to the beautiful tree at Lili Wen Farm), Jay stepped up to the plate, learning two surprising choices of cover versions, plus a Cwtch original. The result was pure musical magic that will be etched into our memories forever "come what may" (Clary's wedding vows 2016).


September-December 2018

Clary and Jay moved into a flat in Cardiff in 2007. They partied hard and dreamed big - coming to the conclusion that all they needed to do was write one Christmas hit and they would be sorted for life. Long after Clary moved out in 2010 they would still casually throw this into conversion though it never came into fruition...until the summer of 2018 that is! The Christmas song is written (they wrote two songs as it happens). World domination is still to to follow.

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105 Severn Grove

105 Severn Grove.jpg

Clary Saddler and Jay Hoffman aka RubyShoes are friends of old (or rather friends that are old). They  shared a flat in Cardiff (105 Severn Grove) for 3 years...Oh if those wall's could talk! They also share a love of Jay's shoes (Clary had her eye on a pair of ruby shoes Jay owned when they lived together, but turns out they were his favorite too) and a love of retro films ("this is it Jennifer, your big break in TV. Welcome to the prime time bi*ch"). They also share a birthday...well almost, they were born 5 years and one day apart...but hey, they are both Aquarius babies.

They formed RubyShoes towards the end of 2018. They had toyed with the idea of joining forces a few times over the past 4 years; the first time being when they collaborated on a politically charged song entitled "Global Chaos" for the 2015 forum theatre piece 'Uprising' (see above). Jay also joined Clary's other band Cwtch on stage at Clary's wedding in 2016, singing guest vocals on a Cwtch original ("Just Saying") and on two cover versions ("Kiss the Girl" and "Get Lucky"). Jay also joined Cwtch once again, singing background vocals for a George Michael tribute night in 2017.

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